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    Congratulations to Mr. Aniket Pawar, Department of Civil Engineering for his grand success. He scored the highest grade in Civil Engineering at Ural Federal University Russia (UrFu)

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    VISHWANIKETAN, conceived out of the extensive experience of educationists and industry /corporate/ entrepreneurs will work to create "Design Engineers" through UG programmes and attempt product development based research in PG/Ph. D. Programmes in collaboration with the best universities in the world.

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    UG Fellowship

    “Our students at Athens Information Technology (AIT), Greece for their Summer Internship program”

Willing to work students who wish to build extraordinary career, excited by project based hands on learning, interested in visiting universities abroad for trainings are most welcome!

  • Vishwaniketan offers career counselling sessions on Engineering studies in India & abroad. The presentation alongside for more information about Vishwaniketan and it's modus-operandi.

  • Vishwaniketan's Institute of Management Entreprenuership & Engineering Technology [iMEET] is affiliated to University of Mumbai & approved by AICTE, Delhi.

International Collaborations

Vishwaniketan The thought.....

VISHWANIKETAN, is poised to become one of the leading institutions in India. In our quest to achive new milestones in undergraduate engineering education we have come together as a group of extraordinary educationists, corporates, industrialists and entrepreneurs. We not only impart theoretical knowledge but also introduce our students to real-world problems that they face when they join industry. The Project Based Learning(PBL) method is a proven, powerful instrument to create future-ready professionals/ entrepreneurs who will work on product devlopment oriented, 'Patent' based research and commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

Vishwaniketan, in association with CTIF(Center for TeleInFrastructure) also offers its student international fellowships at top notch international universities in the summer vacations where they are trained by the best teachers from around the world.

Why are we unique? We aim

  • To produce 'Design engineers', who will devlop new technologies for the growing needs of Indian and global industry.

  • To instill life and business skills, human values, creativity and innovation, willingness to work and a happy lifestyle in student and teachers..

  • To nurture collaborations with local and global cultures, societies and industry, with the help of fellowships, internships and project assignments.

  • To provide 'ready to use' graduates to industry.

  • To empower our teachers and students by creating opportunities for consultancy and new businesses.

  • To take Indian engineering education to higher level by creating a 'Centre of Excellence' in 'Project Based Learning'
UG Fellowship 2018 Registration
Vishwaniketan Brochure 2017-18