Project Based Learning


  • The vision chart for VAP has been made available separately. This is a typical flow of VAPS but the students / faculty in departments can derive their VAPS based on their expertise, experience, wisdom, outcome expected, inspirations of students, further market need etc.

  • The VAP co-ordinator will call Industry Experts / Research Fellows/Professors and Industry Experts from abroad to talk about what is the current scenario in Industry / Research.

  • The different training agencies/ Industry Expert will demonstrate the content and Project List that can be developed after completion of VAP. Student will select which Technology he wants to join.

  • VAP should be generally for 55/65 hrs of training in the labs only. VAP will start in the first week of semester.

  • Every VAP shall follow a good extensive project, which students will complete in groups of 3 or 4. The continuous monitoring of Project Progress will be done by Faculty Members and Training agencies. Evaluation of the projects will be done by industry experts , research fellow at the time of Project Exhibition which is scheduled at the end of each semester

  • The quality of projects chosen and done will prepare the students for industry project / fellowships abroad and finally, for placements.

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