Vishwaniketan Trust

Vishwaniketan trust


The society is mainly established for the Educational, Cultural, Artistic, Sport related (Sporting), Social, Medical and Charity related development of the people.


To propagate and disperse education among the people. Implement various schemes of State and Central Government for the same. To start and run schools, colleges, high schools, ashram schools, hostels, nursery, kindergartens, schools for differently abled children, residential schools for poor children. To start and run old age homes, D’Ed, B’Ed colleges. To start and run Ayurvedic high schools, Medical colleges, Engineering and Architectural colleges. To start and run computer training institutes. To implement all schemes/projects of state and Central government. To establish agricultural research institutes and science institutes to start and run agricultural School high schools.

Cultural and Artistic

To start and implement various schemes of governments Cultural Department, to arrange various cultural gatherings, to arrange drama competitions, to propagate and dispose various folk arts.

Sporting objectives

To arrange various competitions for the development of sporting spirit among the children of the society, to implement various sport related schemes of government, to implement and perform schemes relating to various national and international games. To conduct and prepare Gymnasium, Swimming Pool/Tanks and playing grounds and to do all work related to it. To take efforts to start good sport related scholarship schemes.

Special Educational Objectives

• To establish schools High School Educational hubs, in Maharashtra and any other suitable places and to ensure high-class management on them for offering international standard education to all the children of the society in all faculties of education (for example School education art commerce science engineering Management medical and environmental power science and finance and every faculty useful for the society.
• To establish research centers and to execute the agreement with the various institutes in the world and to obtain their co-operation for the same for the sake of high-quality research, to obtain a patent from such research and for the development of various machinery and technology.
• To establish high-quality testing laboratories jointly with industries and to utilize the same for raising funds for the achievement of society’s objectives.
• To promote entrepreneurship in Indian youngsters, encourage them to establish startup businesses by utilizing information, knowledge, and patent from the above-mentioned research centers. To provide initial capital, other facilities to Indian youngsters in the initial stage of their business.
• To start quality and variety educational syllabus and to execute the agreement with various national and international business institutes for the same and to implement or perform various programs jointly with them.
• To establish universities full filled with educational facilities in accordance with the prevailing law. To establish centers for Educational science and to enhance the standard of the professors.
• To arrange dialogues, debates, exhibitions, and cultural programs on various topics. To publish educational monthly and journals.
• To establish hostels, hospitals for students and orphan children. To make arrangements for scholarships for the students.
• To arrange projects/schemes/programs for social development, every kind of integrated village development, development in agricultural-related and agricultural complementary businesses, development in the condition of poor and orphan children.

Above mentioned objectives shall be implemented under the guidance of the representatives of the concerned department or division. All the above objectives shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Mumbai Public Trust management act 1950.